Crown of The Best Commercial Schemes

The title “Gwadar’s largest commercial scheme” Al-Noor cargo city holds this distinct. Al-Noor cargo city is also known as Gwadar’s first strategic commercial scheme. Al-Noor cargo city is situated in the mid of Gwadar air port and Gwadar sea port. It has one-kilometer wide front on the 205ft wide main Baluchistan Broadway and 150ft wide Existing coastal highway.

Al-Noor Cargo City gives an eye-catching stance to both local and international investors due to its strategic location. In addition, just 1500 yards distance to Deep Sea East Bay gives another edge to Al-Noor Cargo City.

SP Noor Enterprises

Hoot family established SP Noor Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. in year 2005. The family holds a dominant position in political infrastructure of Gwadar and Baluchistan. The family has great influence in Gwadar’s political, social and economic infrastructure. SP Noor Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. is involved in various business activities in Gwadar city including real estate, seafood trading, construction and agriculture.

Niazi Group and SP Noor Enterprises have signed multiple ventures for various (micro/macro) developments/ projects in Gwadar City.


  • Al-Noor Cargo City
  • Sira-e-Noor
  • Noor Marwa
  • GDA Bolan City